St. Bernard Bird Festival

May 03, 2024 to May 04, 2024

  This year’s St. Bernard Bird Festival will be held on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 a.m. till 4 p.m. at the Los Islenos Museum Complex, located at 1357 Bayou Road, St. Bernard, LA 70085.


     Dr. Erik Johnson, Ph. D. from Audubon Louisiana will lead a well-qualified team of birding experts.  They will be capturing neo-tropical migratory birds to study them, record important data, band and release them back into the wild. These birds are known for their beauty and distinct color.  They are a “must see” for every nature lover.


     Glenn Ousset, is the chief guide for the birding tours.  Glenn has had world-wide birding experience.  Krista Adams, an expert on Purple Martins, will be available to answer questions regarding this visitor from the Amazon Valley.  Linda van Aman will again give several walking tours along the Nature Trail, identifying native plants and their importance.  Charlotte Clark, representing Common Ground Relief, will have saplings available.  She will discuss the useful of these trees in our environment.  Several woodcarvers will again display their beautiful work depicting local birds.


     On Friday our presentation will focus on Purple Martins and their habitat in the Amazon Valley.  The presenter, Krista Adams, will reveal her findings during her recent trip to Brazil. 

     Saturday’s presentation will focus on our smallest and most beautiful bird, the hummingbird.  Our presenter will be Dr Erik Johnson.  He will include all things we need to know about this beautiful bird in our south Louisiana habitat.